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Rangehood Installation

A1 Rangehood Installations have renamed as Rangehood Solutions

Same great service. Just a new name!

Call: 0800 RANGEHOODS (0800 726 434)

The Rangehood Installation Process

There are numerous rangehood makes and models available and it is often difficult to know which one to purchase. But follow these steps and you won't go wrong.

1. Call us - 0800 RANGEHOODS (0800 726 434)

Call us during your kitchen renovation or new build, preferably in the beginning so we can help with any potential installation issues you may have such as the location of the ducting, the position of the kitchen extractor fan, the size you may require and the type of cooking you do.

2. Quote and Measure

We will happily come to your site or home to measure and quote. There are many different types of rangehood installations options depending on your home and kitchen style:

  1. Soffit Vent Option – the rangehood is ducted to the soffit/eaves of the house.
  2. Wall Vent option – the rangehood is ducted through an external wall of the house – this includes Brick and Weatherboard etc.
  3. Roof Vent Option – the rangehood is ducted through the roof – this includes masonry and iron etc

3. Rangehood Purchase

There are many options when purchasing your new rangehood. We install all brands/models of Rangehoods either supplied by yourself or we can source when necessary.

We also carry our own brand of rangehoods called Vissari. Our rangehoods have been designed and developed using our knowledge and experience selecting high quality materials and current contemporary designs.

4. Rangehood Installation

Ideally, when building new, there are two installation dates – preline and fitoff. Preline is prior to the gib board being fitted, so we can run the rangehood ducting whilst there is easy access. The second date, the fitoff, is where we will install the rangehood unit after the Kitchen cabinetry is installed and connect it to the pre installed Rangehood ducting.

However, we know this is not always the case with renovations etc. If you are replacing an original Rangehood, or if this is your first Rangehood - We are able to complete a full installation on the day with our smart installation systems

Rangehood Solutions work within your building timeframes if required – we offer an efficient and reliable installation service. We provide all the accessories you may need for the complete range hood installation to ensure it is working at its optimum just as the manufacturer intended.

Our installers are trained with our smart Rangehood Installation techniques to guarantee a seamless installation from start to finish. They hold a current Health and Safety Policy along with a public liability policy to ensure you are in safe hands.

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